Benefits of Hiring an IALD Lighting Designer

Architects, interior designers, electrical engineers, builders, and owners are among the many who are embracing professional lighting designers to augment their projects. They are finding extensive value in an independent lighting design professional. Light is a technically difficult, yet intangible medium, that requires mastery of varied and continually evolving disciplines. A lighting design specialist integrates the arts, sciences, and business of illumination design, and implementation. An owner or project designer may be unaware of the advantages an independent lighting consultant can bring to today’s design and construction processes. Professional lighting designers bring solid, technical acumen and sensitive design technique to architectural and landscape projects. The invaluable services they provide can only enhance the success of a project.

Technology is developing at light speed.

Knowledge of physics, optics, electricity, ergonomics, business, codes, environmental issues, construction, vision and the art of design, are all essential to creating great lighting solutions. Lighting specialists are continually educated on the latest, most cost-effective technologies. Lighting designers are trained to make spaces both functional and beautiful. This knowledge allows foresight in evaluating both requirements and restrictions of a project. A skilled lighting designer can help develop and integrate your list of requirements within the framework of the project and with the latest technologies.

A lighting designer can guide you through an entire project as your advocate. 

A qualified lighting designer will be able to assist with every aspect of a project from schematic design development, construction documents, control system, natural light control, on-site services, construction administration, design review board submittals, to final focus and programing. Designers are able to ensure the project runs smoothly during each stage, avoiding any disruptive and costly surprises.

Lighting designers can reduce the project construction and/or operations costs. 

A designer will work with the owner and contractors to achieve budget objectives through value engineering without sacrificing design intent. Reducing the owner’s operations costs may be a pivotal part of the design decisions, and these measures often benefit the project aesthetically and practically. Lifecycle cost analysis compares the return on initial investment of different techniques or technologies. For example, led technology provides maintenance free lighting for the lifetime of the home. Experience and knowledge of working within a budget can seamlessly support overall project goals.

Using a qualified independent professional lighting specialist will add value and prestige to your next project. 

The international association of lighting designers (IALD) was established in 1969 to recognize independent lighting design professionals and promote lighting excellence. Professional membership is limited to experienced designers and is contingent on peer-review of an applicant’s portfolio. Members must abide by rules of ethics. IALD members have worked on many of the world’s most recognized structures. Robert singer is a proud IALD member since 1995.